Life begins now.

Life begins now, there is no free trial.


Us millenials (me included), young graduate believe we can take on the world, unbeknownst of what await ahead.

I just attended a seminar of “SUPERMENTOR20” (here is the link to one of the speakers, Maudy Ayunda) yesterday and one of most crucial thing she addresses are 3 points below:

“What do we know?”

“What can we do?”

“What now?”

To me, it struck like a lightning bolt in my chest. I graduated in a very normal and proud like way, like a good son of a good family should be. Graduated from “Kampus Putra-Putri Terbaik Bangsa” (and yes, I am still proud of it), with exceptional grade and some achievement (I had fun the most in the journey though, the reward was just a bonus).

3 months entering workforce, since I worked my a** off in a family business, which is pharmacy, I learned the harsh truth of reality after campus or highschool or whatever institutions of capable learning materials, that life starts now. Right in this minute, this very second that your heart beats fast, rushing blood flow throughout your blood vessel.


Money is important.

Every choice you make define your future path.

Do not wander aimlessly.

Work was never easy.


Just an example, I woke up around 6.30-7 AM in the morning and by 8 AM had already do several things mostly like mundane things: Feeding birds in the garden (my mom kept spreading rice so sparrow come and sing a little song), go to the market to buy groceries (helped my mom a lot on this), or driving employees to their workplace. Long story short, pharmacy is a business that work long hours (I just got off home by 10 PM mostly), and Saturday is not a day off, so count on that 14 hours x 6 days = 84 hours/ (168 hours / week), mostly.

What I want to say is that playtime’s over for us young graduates, from chilling over a cafe on Monday where it is not crowded, getting CGV promotions by Tuesday (anyone remember Selamat/Selasa hemat?), sleepovers and getting drowsy in class the next day is just a good remembrance.

Point is, all of us young graduates are desperate.

I see it everywhere.

We want to be “great”. I want to. To be somebody worthwhile or on the stage of spotlight, all the time in our life. That our life is similar to those of actress/ famous people all over the world. But we are not prepared to sacrifice anything. We want high salary, stable jobs, great investments and high ROI, quick breakeven point and high cryptocurrencies so we can sell them at high point and left Indonesia to go on a money frenzy yacht across Dubai. (Nice dream) But that’s just not possible without equal sacrifice.

I realized now that why very successful people are usually very obsessed with their business or passionate with their calling, that maybe their friends are not able to meet them for months, even years and why Elon Musk spend his days on a mattress over a sleepover in his friends’ place. He got 180 million pounds and here are his spending:

  1. 100 mil on SpaceX
  2. 70 mil on Tesla
  3. 10 mil on Solarcity

He borrowed money for rent.

We all want to be great, but with not equal sacrifices, with just routinize our daily activities and blindly neglecting our instinct. Those people successfully have faith and trust their gut…and took the leap. Let me tell you some of the story I have read from Zenpencils.

Three friends I know, 3 of them: Arinda, Tasha Vania and Puji are people that I respect out of many.

Arinda founded a cat cafe and are very busy in event company she founded with her partner. You can look at cats while enjoying a good dessert:

Arinda Mentari Putri- Cats Cafe And Ice Cream

Puji founded Kangpujfarm, an aquaponic farm that breeds catfish and chinese watercress (or kangkung) in Bandung –>

KangPuji- Lele and Kangkung in Technology

Tasha opened a florist that she worked overtime and rarely comes to our meeting, but she undergoes training of flower arrangement to overseas for training and offered beautiful and elegant flowers (bouquets, terrariums, small bouquet for wedding, wedding table decor), here is hers:


Tasha – Pivoine Flowershop

From those people aroundme, I sensed the urgency to “live”, not only to make things from money alone. To be producing something worthwhile and enjoying the journey, is what we all should do now. Right in this moment. It is why I took this job in Karawang, passed away those opportunities in skylight Jakarta of the capital city, and decided to grit my teeth and enduring this long working hour.

Although reality still sucks, that those old glory keep clinging into you. But it’s time to let go. Past-time bed stories are over. Us millenials need to chin our teeth up, brace for challenges and probably, take that leap of faith.



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