Day 1: List 15 fun things about yourself

So uh,
I have been challenged by some random blogger named @inairtsa
(Do check her blog though, it’s pretty cool)
Inairtsa’s random squabbles
So here is the list of challenges I must do for these straight 15-days.
Let’s see here:

It seems kind of fun, seeing from my 1 month of being “freedomized” (as in not knowing what to do for some time, prolly go to some holidays though)

So, I had made this before on my instagram, listing 20 fun facts about myself, but here’s to

1. Although my favorite sports is tennis, my favorite man of the team is Darrell Royal, Texas Longhorn University Coach.
2. I play every kind of sports (despite my medium posture)
[I even played squash and shooting range)
3. I always have this strange hobby of singing whenever I hear Sunday Morning by Maroon 5
4. My biggest dream is to watch Wimbledon in front seat,
Dressed up in a suit like gentleman,
And getting to serve in the 1st court.
5. Persona 3-4 (soon 5) fangasm to the max
Even have the same headphone as P3 protagonist
6. Have a small box containing ‘treasures of the world’ where I traveled
7. Kept a note of “what to do today”
On 19th book presently [Since 2014]
And to point I even wrote small things like: Cut your hair
8. My idea of fun is camping outside, gather around campfire,
drinking hot tea with friends,
singing with a guitar while stargazing.
9. I don’t like wearing accessories such as necklace, earrings, rings
10. Biggest fear: BANCI (God, why)
11. FAN of  @ChelseaIslan
Member of @Kezia90 fanclub 
Idolizing @DeaValencia
12. People say I resemble This guy
(Dozens of people says this, and I am nottt)
13. I go YOLO
(Experienced drunkness, jumping off 3rd floor to pool, driving off 90kmph on automatic bike)
14. Always believe I have ‘superpowers’ back in highschool
(yeah, like controlling wind and stuff)
15. Passionate about being better
(Explains why I love RPG games)
That’s it for today, yeah.


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